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Sinnesael M., De Vleeschouwer D., Coccioni R., Claeys P., Frontalini F., Jovane l., Savian J., and Montanari A. (2016): High-resolution multiproxy cyclostratigraphic analysis of environmental and climatic events across the K-Pg boundary in the classic pelagic succession of Gubbio (Italy). Geological Society of America, Special Paper, v. 524, doi:10.1130/2016.2524(09)​. (link).

Sinnesael M., Zivanovic, M., De Vleeschouwer D., Claeys P., and Schoukens, J. (2016): Astronomical component estimation (ACE v.1) by time-variant sinusoidal modeling. Geoscientific Model Development Discussions, doi:10.5194/gmd-2016-104. (link)


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PAPERS 2022-2023:

Sinnesael M. (2023): Ordovician cyclostratigraphy and astrochronology. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, v. 532(1), published online, doi:10.1144/SP532-2022-31. (link) (pdf)

de Graaff S.J., Percival L.M.E., Déhais T., de Winter N.J., Jansen M.N., Kaskes P., Smit J., Sinnesael M., Vellekoop J., Sato H., Ishikawa A., Spassov S., Claeys P., and Goderis S. (2022): Geochemical records of the end-Triassic Crisis preserved in a deep marine section of the Budva Basin, Dinarides, Montenegro. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, v. 606, 111250, doi:10.1016/j.palaeo.2022.111250. (link

Vancoppenolle I., Vellekoop J., Doubrawa M., Kaskes P., Sinnesael M., Jagt J.W.M., Claeys P., and Speijer R.P. (2022): The benthic foraminiferal response to the mid-Maastrichtian event in the NW-European chalk sea of the Maastrichtian type area. Netherlands Journal of Geoscience, v. 101, e12, doi:10.1017/njg.2022.10. (link) (pdf)

Sinnesael M., Loi A., Dabard M.P., Vandenbroucke T.R.A., and Claeys P. (2022): Cyclostratigraphy of the Middle to Upper Ordovician successions of the Armorican Massif (western France) using portable X-ray fluorescence. Geochronology, v. 4, 251-267, doi:10.5194/gchron-4-251-2022. (link) (pdf)

Vellekoop J., Kaskes P., Sinnesael M., Huygh J., Dehais T., Jagt J.W.M., Speijer R.P., and Claeys, P. (2022): A new age model and chemostratigraphic framework for the Maastrichtian type area (southeastern Netherlands, northeastern Belgium). Newsletters on Stratigraphy, online first, doi:10.1127/nos/2022/0703. (link) (pdf)

Wouters S., Crucifix M., Sinnesael M., Da Silva A.-C., Zeeden C., Zivanovic M., Boulvain F., and Devleeschouwer X. (2022): A decomposition approach to cyclostratigraphic signal processing. Earth-Science Reviews, v. 225, 103894, doi:10.1016/j.earscirev.2021.103894. (link)


Cyclostratigraphy Intercomparison Project:

Sinnesael M., De Vleeschouwer D., Zeeden C., Batenburg S.J., Da Silva A.-C., de Winter N.J., Dinarès-Turell J., Drury A.J., Gambacorta G., Hilgen F., Hinnov L., Hudson A.J.L., Kemp D.B., Lantink M., Laurin J., Li M., Liebrand D., Ma C., Meyers S., Monkenbusch J., Montanari A., Nohl T., Pälike H., Pas D., Ruhl M., Thibault N., Vahlenkamp M., Valero L., Wouters S., Wu H., and Claeys P. (2019): The Cyclostratigraphy Intercomparison Project (CIP): consistency, merits and pitfalls. Earth-Science Reviews, v. 199, 102965, doi:10.1016/j.earscirev.2019.102965. (link) (pdf)


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